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Introducing the World's Safest Cryptocurrency, by the World's Smartest Blockchain Company.


Token Sale begins September 29, 2018 at 12pm (Pacific Time)



This is where intrinsic value meets innovation.


Amalgam is a state-of-the-art blockchain company. It's also far more than that; originally built on the Ethereum blockchain, it is fundamentally safer than almost all of its contemporaries.

We originally started as a cryptocurrency company in 2017. However, upon building our own blockchain with our own proprietary protocols, we realized the potential to provide offerings far beyond altcoins. Our blockchain has given us the opportunity to provide everything from supremely safe cryptocurrency tokens, to project and supply chain management software, to a groundbreaking VOIP client and even artificial intelligence modules. We're also seeking to create positive change offline, with our commitment to donate 1% of all funds from investments made in AMG to any charity of our investors' choosing.


We're changing the way people see blockchain. Welcome to Amalgam.

Real world use of a digital currency.

Amalgam is accepted by a variety of vendors and is available for purchase, trading and use in multiple marketplaces and exchanges.


We're building more than a cryptocurrency. We're building an entire blockchain ecosystem.

At Amalgam, we're making strides in a wide array of industries. We aim to create and develop technologies that make it easier for the world to understand and use blockchain technology in their everyday lives.


We originally started as a cryptocurrency company. What initially began as a mission to make a safer, practical ASIC-resistant crypto token with AMG quickly put us on the path to create an economic system in which the token could be utilized for everyday use. 

Point-of-Sale/Payment Processing

Our next development was considering the perspective of those who will use AMG tokens everyday; specifically consumers and merchants. This led to the creation of AmalgamPay, a new Point-of-Sale and Peer-to-Peer payment processing system. We've made sure that using our products doesn't mean elimination of the software systems you currently use. Just plug in, update and go.

Supply Chain/Project Management

The beauty of blockchain is an indelibly un-hackable, tamper-proof ledger, so it only made sense to bring this technology to a universally compatible Supply Chain Management software. With real-time updates of inventory, revenue and project development, we've got you covered with our proprietary TRAQ software.

Artificial Intelligence & Telecommunications

Each of these aforementioned developments presented us with the opportunity to develop a groundbreaking AI and communications platform. What originally started as two in-house projects quickly became Omnia and AmalgamPhone, our AI and Telecommunications platforms, respectively. Our proprietary Amalgam blockchain has made it immensely easier for us to retrieve and communicate any piece of information from anywhere around the world.

We're extremely qualified to get the job done.

We've spent months putting together a team of individuals with a collective 35 years of expertise in various industries. From business development, to finance, to hospitality, payment processing, software development and more -- we're ready.

We're looking for the best of the best. Want to join our team? Check out our available positions and apply!