We’re proud to announce our partnership with the John P. Mayhugh Foundation

Together, we’re Building Better Pathways.

From wounds to wellness.

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Through this one-of-a-kind partnership, Amalgam and the John P. Mayhugh Foundation will be working together to utilize our collective resources in aiding veterans and military families by teaching financial literacy. Furthermore, we will be aiding in the national expansion of JPM by sponsoring John P. Mayhugh Foundation symposiums around the country, while educating the masses about the effects of Post Traumatic Stress and opioid addiction on our country’s servicemen and servicewomen.

While we work on educating the masses, we will also include the John P. Mayhugh Foundation in many of our marketing campaigns as we provide our blockchain technology to JPM. This will allow the foundation to conduct charitable contributions on the blockchain, helping the foundation to build better pathways, quicker, safer and easier than ever before.

Watch the first Amalgam + John P. Mayhugh Foundation ad below.

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