Pre-Sale Investment via Square Cash ("Cash App")

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For a limited time, those investing in Amalgam via Square Cash ("Cash App") will have the option of receiving either a 5% rebate on their investment or a 5% bonus in Amalgam tokens (AMG). A minimum investment of $300.00 USD must be made to qualify for a rebate or bonus.

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Minimum Investment Requirement of $200.00 $200.00 = 3,333 AMG (40% Discount)
If you are investing $300 USD or more via the Square Cash App using your debit or credit card, you are eligible for either a 5% rebate on your investment or a 5% bonus in Amalgam tokens. Select one of the two options below.
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Amalgam will never store or share any of your personal information.

To complete your investment, proceed with the following instructions:

1. Fill out the Pre-Sale Registration form.

2. Visit$amalgamcoin

3. Enter your payment information and the size of your investment (minimum of $200). Pre-sale is currently providing early investors with a 40% discount. For every $200, investors will receive 3,333 AMG tokens ($0.06 per token) . At the time of Amalgam's ICO in February 2018, each token will have a starting value of $0.10 per token. 

4. After finishing the Square Cash Payment, your investment will be complete and your confirmation will be sent to your email address within 24 hours. Your confirmation email will include all necessary information regarding the distribution of your Amalgam (AMG) tokens.

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