Amalgam is not just a cryptocurrency company. We're a blockchain company with a suite of groundbreaking products and state-of-the-art software solutions. Learn more below. 



The World's Safest Cryptocurrency

Amalgam coin is a state-of-the-art, highly secure blockchain based cryptocurrency. Long gone are the days of altcoins popping up left and right without any real-world value. Amalgam is accepted by dozens of vendors, available for purchase, trading and use in a wide variety of marketplaces. Being built on a proprietary ZKP-based platform makes Amalgam one of the safest, most practical cryptocurrencies on the market.



Where Point-of-Sale Meets Blockchain

AmalgamPay makes it easy for any vendor to accept any type currency at any time. Whether you accept dollars, euros, pounds, pesos, bitcoin, or our personal favorite, Amalgam, we've got you covered. We've made sure that AmalgamPay can plug directly into your current POS platformCustomers paying in Amalgam get to enjoy discounts (on us) while merchants accepting Amalgam are eligible for profitable incentives. Additionally, people with AmalgamPay can send payments to one another instantly.



Blockchain-based Supply Chain and Project Management

TRAQ uses the Amalgam blockchain protocol to update inventory, track revenue and project timelines,  and more in real-time while calculating cost efficiency. TRAQ also gives users the ability to write and modify their own Smart Contracts and management protocols, providing complete control to you and your business. We're working with experts to provide a seamless experience in any industry. Use TRAQ to keep track of anything with moving parts.

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A Blockchain-Based VOIP Client

AmalgamPhone is bringing VOIP to the blockchain. We're bringing users heightened, government-tier call privacy, a complete elimination of call fraud, shorter connection times and unlimited, free wifi calling for all users, anywhere in the world.






The Most Intuitive AI You've Ever Seen

Omnia, originally designed in conjunction with our friends at Dialogflow, was built as a chatbot to provide cryptocurrency ticker prices. However, over time, Omnia has developed nuanced communication and predictive understanding of smart contracts via machine learning, presenting countless possibilities for future applications of blockchain and AI. We're building a blockchain-based AI that can think for itself.