Introducing Amalgam:

The World's Safest Cryptocurrency.

Real-world value. Safety. Practicality. Ease of use.

When we first created Amalgam, we set out to create a coin that was inherently safer than all of the other options or alternatives. The number one shortcoming of most cryptocurrencies is risk. Risk of a coin's value depreciating. Risk of wallets being hacked. Risk of a lack of compatibility with vendors, merchants and other marketplaces. 

We're eliminating those risks from square one.

Here are a few of the benefits of using Amalgam's token.

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Being the world's first index-based cryptocurrency is not something that we take lightly. Amalgam's price rate on all exchanges directly corresponds with an index of over 100 of the largest, most stable cryptocurrencies and altcoins out there; meaning that there is almost no risk of a price crash at all.



Because Amalgam is built on the Ethereum blockchain, each transaction is securely logged and verified. Not to mention, our Smart Contracts provide an additional level of encryption to every single transaction, providing you with state-of-the-art unparalleled security that keeps you, your personal information, and your money safe.

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amalgam saves you money

Our groundbreaking  blockchain application behind Amalgam provides users like you with convenient everyday discounts when exchanging your standard currencies into Amalgam coin. We've worked hard to make sure that purchasing Amalgam is as easy as purchasing a prepaid card or a cup of coffee on a mobile application.