Fundraising Breakdown

Wondering how AMALGAM spends any funds raised during the token pre-sale?

Check it out below



Approximately 30% of funds raised

This includes, but is not limited to: IT/Web Development, website maintenance, server fees, tech support, wallet coordination, etc. After all, it takes a lot to maintain a groundbreaking cryptocurrency and several blockchain software solutions.



Approximately 25% of funds raised

While we wish that we could rely solely on word-of mouth referrals about our cryptocurrency and amazing software products, that isn’t the case in today’s world. This expenditure includes digital advertising, pay-per-click campaigns, paid press releases and consulting fees from PR agencies.



Approximately 15% to 20% of funds raised

Imagine a world in which Cryptocurrency and Securities Exchanges charged you absolutely nothing to be listed for trading. Nice to dream, isn’t it? It turns out that they charge us anywhere between $6,500 and $200,000 just to be listed! We’re listing our token on about a dozen different exchanges all over the world. Do the math. It’s a pretty penny, we know



Approximately 10% of funds raised

Not only are we one of the only SEC-compliant token offerings in the United States, but we’re the first ICCO (Initial Convertible Coin Offering) in the U.S. While we’d like to take all of the credit, we owe it to some extremely qualified legal counsel.



Approximately 15% to 20% of funds raised

We’re fortunate enough to have a super experienced team of superstars who work tirelessly to innovate cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in general. It’s only right to make sure that they’re all taken care of.

Besides, we need to keep the lights on in the office somehow.