Wallet Registration

Any investors that participated in the Amalgam pre-sale must register their new ERC20 Wallet addresses with Amalgam in order to receive your new AMG token balance (indicated in your AMG Dashboard account). In order to create your wallet, visit any one of the sites that we have listed here and continue. You will be able to copy the wallet address from there and paste it in the field below.

Please note that we will ONLY accept your wallet address and NOT your wallet’s private key. You should NEVER under any circumstances share your private key with someone else as it gives them access to your funds. Once funds have left your wallet, they cannot be recovered.


Please complete the form below

Name *
It should look something like this: "0xb71cD3032aa368C6e9Ec9248EB4677FD835D8320"
Just so we get everything correct
If you are a new investor, please enter "0". If you are a returning investor, enter your current AMG balance